We are touched so many of our customers take the time to writes us about their experience.  We humbly share them with you here:

"Thank you for all you do for us. As always, we are so pleased with the results of your work. Everything looks great. Anytime you need a recommendation, please call on us!"

H. & C. Shaffer

"I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a job well done. You and your team did a great job and I truly felt/feel like it's a partnership. You have gained my utmost respect and I would be delighted to recommend you and your firm if you ever want the help."

R. Bradford

"Thank you so much for the great work you do! Your team did such a great job on our project!"

A. Brumfield

"We love the renovation you did for us! Thank you for a terrific job and experience!"

N. Metzheizer

"It has been such a pleasure dealing with your team! The project went smoothly and right on schedule. We appreciate your attention to details and dedication. You're the best!"

KK Wong

"One of the reasons that I am so thankful to be part of this project is the opportunity to see the Berndsen Company at work. At last I have seen how a house should be built. Your professionalism, patience, and knowledge of your craft has set the standard very high!"

Suzanne Watson, Interior Design

"I wanted to commend your crew! They were guardian angels, incredible and exemplary!"

R. Bradford

"Congratulations on your latest award! You have earned your place amongst Atlanta's top builders!"

T. Miller

"Congratulations to the Berndsen Team on another great accomplishment! You guys are the best to work with!"

A. Michaelides, ASLA

"It was a true pleasure working with you and your staff on this project. It has simply been the most enjoyable experience our architectural firm has ever had working with a builder. Great job!"

J. Strickland, Historical Concepts

"Working with Berndsen has been the equivalent to a PHD in Interior Design. You have shown me how a home should be built. Your team is the absolute best at every aspect of the process. You've been the ultimate professional. The collaboration has been amazing!"

Suzanne Watson, Interior Design

"I could not have been more pleased with everything you all did for us. I can't tell you how much Charlie and I appreciate your Company- We are thrilled with the way everything looks and also with the timely manner in which it was done. Please use us any time for a reference!"

H. Shaffer

"Berndsen and Co. built our house and are without exception the best contractors in town. They did an exceptional job on our house and their entire team is top notch and focused on your best interest. You're in great hands with them!"

R. Bradford

"We have enjoyed working with all of you. The project has been a fabulous success!"

F. Devine

"Thanks again for all the fine work you did for us on our house. We really appreciate it!"

T. Prichard

"We have been in our house two years now and every day John and I still marvel at what you and your team were able to accomplish. Your attention to detail and professional manner made building our beautiful home an exciting endeavor.The scope of a renovation is always a challenge. You worked with our architects and artisans to bring our vision to life. You incorporated all of our requests and, along with your amazing group of subcontractors, were able to finish the project on schedule. We want to specifically mention Jeff Key who has continued to respond to any items that need attention at the house. This means so much to John and me. The personal attention he gave throughout the project continues even now. We would welcome the chance to work with you again and would not hesitate to recommend you for any future projects. Thank you again for the excellent work you did for us on Woodward Way. We wish you continued success!"

Suzanne Kasler Morris,   Interior Designer

"My sincere thanks to you and your fine staff and crew for the nearly perfect renovation you did on my home. You kept on schedule. You did all and more at the agreed to prices. My home was kept clean and orderly throughout. Best of all I was told of hidden problems as they arose and together we got everything resolved. It's rare in these times when a contractor becomes a close friend at the conclusion of such a job. Too often it's the opposite. Please use me at any time should you ever need a reference. Your work is so top quality I doubt you need any references! Thanks again for the job well done."

Phil Osborne

"Many thanks for the wonderful job you did for us on our new home. You made the process so much easier and enjoyable. We are truly grateful. It looks beautiful!"

Tom and Elizabeth Prichard

"I wanted to thank you and your team again for your diligence, teamwork and professionalism. In delicate budget and scheduling situations, you have helped to keep us on track, reorganizing when necessary, but always planning ahead and never compromising quality. You have given attention to every detail in documenting the process and have been continually willing to raise questions in the field and work with us to find the best solution. Our firm appreciates all of the assistance you have given throughout our time working together. Your team's positive attitude, skill and insightfulness has made what might otherwise have been a daunting task a true pleasure."

Samantha Salden,   Historical Concepts,   Architects

"On behalf of our organization, I wanted to thank you for all of the work you have put into organizing the draw request paperwork. Your organization and attention to detail have made it easy to review the paperwork quickly, and we do appreciate it. As work continues to move forward, please do not hesitate to call upon us if we can do anything to help facilitate the continued ease with which information is being shared."

Kristy Tindall,   Historical Concepts,   Architects