Our Services

New Construction

The Berndsen Company has been the sought after choice of Atlanta architects and homeowners alike when it comes to deciding who to entrust to manage their new luxury home construction projects. Berndsen has built some of the city’s most prominent and acclaimed residences for the city’s most notable and admired clientele. High-end custom homes as large as 20,000 SF are part of the firm’s portfolio. From accurate estimating and professional management, to well established schedule controls we will apply over 35 years of experience and discipline to your new home construction project. View photos of our wide variety of luxury projects here.

"Eric, I understand you and Sabina are talking to the Berndsen Company about your project. They built our house and are without exception the best contractors in town. They did an exceptional job on our house and their entire team, starting w/Jon, the owner, are top notch and focused on your best interest. Just thought I would let you know you're in great hands as I know that is normally a stressful process."    Reggie Bradford


Whether it is a historic preservation, a live-in renovation, or a significant restoration, The Berndsen Company will apply 35 yrs of construction management experience and training to ensure it is completed on time and with the least amount of inconvenience. We know that trust and confidence are your most pressing concerns when it comes to your large home renovation project.  We welcome the scrutiny and know you will be pleased with what you discover about us. View photos of our wide variety of luxury projects here.


Managing a large outdoor project can be as demanding and taxing as a new home construction undertaking. The Berndsen Company knows this and applies the same processes and disciplines to ensure your hardscapes, plantings, and large exterior project gets completed on time, within budget, and with the least amount of disruption. Take a look at some of the major exterior projects prominent Atlanta residents have entrusted us to manage. View photos of our wide variety of luxury projects here.

"Once again, I could not have been more pleased with everything you all did for us. Jeff Key was wonderful. I can't tell you how much Charlie and I appreciate your company. We are thrilled with the way everything looks and also with the timely manor in which it was done. Please use us any time for a reference. Many thanks.”     Harriet Shaffer

Condo Interiors

As high-rise luxury apartment homes become increasingly popular, Berndsen Custom Homes has established itself as the leading Builder in Atlanta’s high-end condo market. From penthouses to apartment homes, Berndsen has built some of the City’s most coveted and admired high-end interiors, ranging is sizes up to 12,000 SF and well over $10 million in scope. Meeting timetables in such an environment demands an intimate understanding of unique codes and construction techniques all while being respectful of the neighboring residences. Berndsen’s commercial construction background and experience is invaluable in these high-rise tower construction projects. Let us apply nearly $33M in high-rise luxury condo experience to your new high-rise home. View photos of our wide variety of luxury projects here.

Our Processes

Project Inception

  • Overall Property Due Diligence
  • Early Planning and Historic Review
  • Early Feasibility Studies, Costs and Build-Ability
  • Compile Due Diligence for Purchase Completion
  • Create a clear canvas for Schematic Design Development with the Design Consultancy


  • Schematic Design: Cost, Quality, Schedule
  • Design Development
  • Presentations, Planning, Permitting
  • Construction Document Development
  • Bidding & Completion of Control Estimate


  • Effective Problem Solving: Honoring Cost, Quality, Design
  • Onsite Construction Management & Logistics
  • Design & Documentation Support
  • Technology & Systems Integration
  • Installation of Finishes, Furnishings, Art

Closeout and Warranty

  • Full Documentation from an Operations Perspective
  • All Equipment Labeled
  • Care, Cleaning & Maintenance Schedules
  • Organization of Warranty Information
  • Final Construction Documentation Assembly (As-Builts)

Ongoing Services

  • Maintenance, Care, Updates
  • Small Project Development
  • Response to Emergencies